Oops! China leaks images of the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus

When patents are applied for in China, they soon appear in the publications of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. That’s why these images of the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus surfaced today. Lincoln is doing a new design to replace the previous Nautilus, which debuted in 2018. Being a tweener, meaning between the Navigator and Corsair, it needs to stick out. That, or at least mimic the visual cues of his brothers. Thus, the new Nautilus 2024.

How did Lincoln improve the Nautilus?

2024 Lincoln Nautilus | Ford

Overall, the new design gets sharper and removes the emphasis placed on the fenders from the previous version. The design line below the belt line is sharp and runs along the side. But Ford’s fender vent that has been prominent on many of its designs, including the F-series trucks, simply floats on both the fender and the door. It’s just this thing attached to the Nautilus.

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