People Just Discovered This Hidden ‘Shake To Undo’ iPhone Feature; Did you miss this bug fixer?

Your iPhone has a hidden feature that will allow you to undo a mistake just by shaking it. I know how to use it.

The latest iOS 16 update introduced a new batch of features for iPhone users. From lock screen customization, editing or unsending an iMessage to an amazing feature that can remove the background from images, iOS 16 has a lot to offer. An iPhone has always been a feature-packed smartphone that can make your daily life easier, but you have to enable them to use them. We’re not talking about the latest feature your iPhone got here, but rather a hidden gem that’s been around for years, but you may have missed it. This hidden iPhone feature is known as ‘Shake to Undo’.

As the name suggests, the iPhone’s ‘Shake to Undo’ feature allows you to correct any bugs or errors that you apply while typing. This helps you erase your previous actions by simply shaking your iPhone. Yes, just like that! This will give you an alert while you confirm if you want to undo your last action. All you need to make sure is to enable the feature on your iPhone. Don’t worry! It will work with all iPhone devices running on iOS 13 and above. Want to know how to enable this awesome ‘Shake to Undo’ iPhone feature? Follow this guide step by step.

However, it should be noted that this feature can cause you trouble at times when you unintentionally shake your iPhone from side to side. This can be annoying and in such cases you may want to take a break. In that case, you need to follow all the steps given above and just turn off the switch to disable the ‘Shake to Undo’ feature on your iPhone.

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