Quordle 292’s reply for Nov 12: Difficulty going up! Check out Quordle’s tips, hints, and solutions

Quordle 292’s reply for Nov 12: Today’s riddle finally returns with some challenging words. Use these Quordle tips, hints and solutions and secure your victory today.

Quordle 292’s reply for Nov 12: Finally, Quordle has come up with a really tough puzzle. And interestingly, he has chosen some unique words for it. So if he’s been slacking off in the game the past few days, consider this his wake-up call because the slightest mistake today can and will cost him his winning streak. And it’s never good to lose your winning streak in one weekend. So, don’t take any unnecessary risks and use these Quordle tips and hints to solve the puzzle. And if you’re stuck in a sticky spot, you can always skip to the bottom for solutions.

Quordle 292 clues for November 12

You must be careful with two words in particular today. The first is the one with repeated letters that also contains an uncommon letter and the second is an uncommon word that uses one of the rarest letters in the English language. Apart from that, there is another word with repeated letters in the puzzle. The words contain all the tricks in the book, so make sure you use the letter removal strategy to solve the puzzle. You can also just take a look at the clues below.

Quordle 292 clues for November 12

1. Today’s words start with E, A, N and O.

2. The words end in Y, M, L and T.

3. Word 1 clue: a person who hates or opposes another person and tries to harm that person

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4. Word 2 clue – a statement or idea that people accept as true

5. Word Clue 3 – pertaining to a country’s navy, or related to military ships

6. Word 4 clue – the beginning of something

These were your clues. We think they will help solve the puzzle quite easily. But if you are still confused, just scroll down for the solutions.

Quordle 292 reply for Nov 12

SPOILER ALERT. Don’t read any further if you don’t want the answer to today’s Quordle. You have been warned.

The four words of today’s Quordle are:





We hope you had fun solving the puzzle. For more hints and clues, be sure to check back tomorrow.

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