Quordle 293 reply for Nov 13: Double trouble! Check out Quordle’s tips, hints, and solutions

Quordle 293’s reply for Nov 13: Today’s riddle is tricky and full of repeated letters. Don’t try to solve it without knowing these Quordle tips, hints and solutions.

Quordle 293’s reply for Nov 13: Today’s Sunday puzzle is definitely more complicated than we’ve seen in recent times. Although it only has one trick, it is not easy to understand. In fact, if you are not prepared, by the time you figure out the trick, it will already be too late to win the game. So don’t risk your winning streak and make the smart move. Check out these Quordle tips and hints to find out all about the trick and solve it as efficiently as possible. You will also get some specific word clues to easily unscramble them. And if that’s not enough, you can also skip to the bottom to check out the solutions.

Quordle 293 clues for November 13

In this puzzle, three of the words contain repeated letters. That’s a big problem because now that you’re trying to find the letters, you’ll see that you can find at most four letters. At that point, you will have used up most of your guesses and will be struggling to figure out the repeated letter before your guesses run out. Don’t be intimidated. Take a look at the clues below.

Quordle 293 clues for November 13

  • Today’s words start with S, C, D and B.
  • The words end with G, A, A and Y.
  • Word 1 clue – the wound inflicted by a bee or a hornet
  • Word 2 clue – (used before a year) about or about
  • Word 3 clue – a play, radio or television
  • Word 4 clue – the stomach or the front of the body between the chest and the legs
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The hints should have made your job a lot easier. Just think about them for a moment and continue to solve the puzzle. And if you need more help, just scroll down to see the solutions.

Quordle 293 reply for Nov 13

SPOILER ALERT. Don’t read any further if you don’t want the answer to today’s Quordle. You have been warned.

The four words of today’s Quordle are:

  1. STING
  3. DRAMA
  4. BELLY

We hope you were able to solve the puzzle easily. Make sure to check back tomorrow for more clues and clues.

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