Quordle 305 response for Nov 25: Play without fear! See Quordle Hints, Clues, and Solutions

Quordle 305’s answer for Nov 25: Fighting Quordle’s ever increasing tricks is an uphill battle. But don’t give up. Use these Quordle tips, hints, and solutions to win your streak.

Quordle 305’s answer for Nov 25: Lately, Quordle has been gaining popularity as people start to find Wordle too easy. Wordle, the original game and inspiration behind spin-offs like Dordle, Nerdle, Quordle and more, asks players to find a word in 5 tries. While it requires a different strategy, many players were able to find the word using a strong letter removal strategy. But Quordle is not that easy. And if you’ve come from Wordle recently, you’ll find it extremely challenging and often frustrating. But there is nothing to worry about. Whenever you get stuck, just check out these Quordle hints and tips to learn more about the word. And if you’re still stuck, just scroll to the bottom for solutions.

Quordle 305 clues for November 25

Today’s riddle is diverse, but each of the words poses a new challenge for you. One of the words has a repeated letter, while another word is extremely obscure and can be hard to find. The remaining two words are more generic and shouldn’t cause much trouble.

Quordle 305 clues for November 25

1. Today’s words begin with the letters T, H, U and T.

2. Words end in P, Y, A, and O.

3. Word 1 clue – soldiers on duty in a large group

4. Word 2 clue – in an angry or excited way

5. Word 3 clue – the dark inner part of a shadow in which all light is blocked

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6. Word 4 track – a fan in a car or aircraft engine that improves its performance by using exhaust gases to blow fuel vapor into the engine

These are your tracks for the day. Review them properly and give the game a fair chance. We are supporting for you. And for those of you who need an instant boost, check out the solutions below.

Quordle 305 answer for November 25

SPOILER ALERT. Don’t read on if you don’t want the answer to today’s Quordle. You have been warned.

The four words in today’s Quordle are:


2. HOT



We hope you were able to solve the puzzle with ease. Be sure to check this space again tomorrow for more hints and clues.

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