Quordle Answer 329 for Dec 19, 2022: Don’t waste trying! Check out Quordle hints and clues here

Quordle 329 Answer by Dec 19, 2022 – Some tips and hints can help you crack Quordle 329 answer with ease. Check them here.

Quordle Answer 329 for December 2022: Today’s Quordle Challenge is moderated! Two of the words are easy to guess, while the other two are a bit tricky. Although guessing today’s 4 Quordle words is tricky, it can be solved in nine tries. All you need to do is focus and keep in mind the hints and hints provided here. However, in any case, if you feel you need to know the answers, you can also check them here. Here are the best Quordle 329 tips and hints you need today to keep your winning streak going.

Quordle 329 clues for December 19

Of the four Quordle words to guess today, 2 are easy guesses, while you might have a bit of a hard time finding the other two. Even the letters used are a bit harder to guess. You can check the Quordle 329 clues below and be patient, think and make wise guesses.

Quordle 329 clues for December 19

1. Today’s Quordle words start with G, S, B, and M.

2. Words end in E, E, T, and R.

3. Word 1 clue — Plural of goose.

4. Word Clue 2: grab something quickly and put it away or keep it

5. Word 3 clue — The word refers to being the father of…

6. Word 4 clue: a person who works in a mine.

Here you have! Here are some of the best tips and clues we can give you to help you crack today’s Quordle challenge. However, if these aren’t enough and you can’t crack the answers, you can also read below to see the answers for today’s Quordle 329 challenge.

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Quordle 329 answers by December 19

The answers are right below, but are you sure you want to know them? If you want to solve the Quordle challenge yourself, we recommend that you stop reading here. However, if you’re running out of guesses and need to know the answer, check them out below:

The four words that will win you today’s Quordle 329 challenge are:





Here’s a winner!

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