Quordle’s answer 316 for Dec 6: standard issue! See Quordle Hints, Clues, and Solutions

Quordle Answer 316 by Dec 6 – Today’s riddle should be a piece of cake as long as you check out these Quordle tips, clues, and solutions.

Quordle 316’s answer for Dec 6: After the tricky puzzles of the past few days, we finally have a puzzle that is as normal as it gets. The puzzle is still challenging, as you have to solve four different words, but it won’t make you pull your hair out in frustration. But as most veterans know, this is where the game is most dangerous. We don’t want you to catch him off guard and cost him his streak and that’s why we’ve brought our trusted Quordle hints and tips to help you navigate through this deception. And if he is stuck on the last few tries and doesn’t know what to guess, just go to the end and check the solutions directly.

Quordle 316 clues for December 6

All words in today’s riddle are standard. That means that as far as the arrangement of the letters is concerned, they are as typical as possible. They all begin and end with a consonant and contain two vowels in the middle. There is a repeated letter in the puzzle and a couple of unusual letters, but in general, solving it shouldn’t be difficult as long as you check the clues below.

Quordle 316 clues for December 6

Today’s words start with the letters F, C, T and T.

2. The word ends with R, T, L and C.

3. Word 1 clue: someone who is skilled at solving problems and fixing things

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4. Word 2 clue – a unit to measure the weight of jewels

5. Word 3 clue – constituting or comprising the whole; complete

6. Word Clue 4: An item of clothing that fits loosely on a person’s body, reaching to the waist or knees.

These are your tracks for the day. Please think carefully and give the game a try. If you still feel stuck, just scroll down to find the answers.

Quordle Answer 316 for Dec 6

SPOILER ALERT. Don’t read on if you don’t want the answer to today’s Quordle. You have been warned.

The four words in today’s Quordle are:


2. Carats



These were his words for the day. We hope you were able to solve them all and protect your winning streak.

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