Ram aims for Cummins-level notoriety with its ‘Hurricane’ I6 gasoline engine

Cutaway of a white Ram truck illustrating its turbo diesel Cummins I6 powertrain, which will soon have to compete with a 500 horsepower gasoline I6.

Since Dodge began offering industrial-grade Cummins turbodiesels in its RAM trucks, the two brands have become almost synonymous. Now Ram is trying to gain some attention with his own 500-plus-horsepower I6: the Hurricane. But instead of a diesel, this engine is a 3.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine. This inline-six “Hurricane” is on track to replace the HEMI V8 in the next generation of Ram light and heavy-duty trucks and could even convert some turbocharged Cummins I6 fans.

The ‘Hurricane’ is a convincing V8 replacement

Hurricane I6 | Stellantis

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