Rivian now sells more R1T trucks than Nissan Titan Trucks

Rivian R1T truck in grey

When Nissan released an updated full-size Titan pickup, everything seemed right. The timing seemed right, with big trucks gaining more and more market share, the size was right, with bigger and bigger trucks gaining favor, and it even has a 400 horsepower V8. But buyers just haven’t flocked to the Titan, and the Titan now has the ignominious distinction of being the worst-selling full-size pickup on the market. Emerging pickup truck maker Rivian now sells more electric R1T pickups than Nissan’s Titan pickups.

How many trucks has Rivian sold?

Rivian R1T Truck |Rivian

If there was an impact in the highly competitive trucking market, Rivian appears to be. In just a few years, this Irvine, California maker of electric trucks has gone from what seemed like a pipe dream to a full-fledged manufacturer. It builds its EV trucks in Normal, Illinois, and now competes in the bottom rungs of GoodCarBadCar’s third-quarter sales report.

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