Scout EV teaser image: A little goes a long way

2024 Scout

Volkswagen keeps everyone on its radar with the upcoming scout. The faithful Scouts are truly excited about your return. For its part, VW continues to tease, this time with a rather dark frontal shot of the SUV. But if you look closely, there are a few things that stand out. And we like them all so far.

Are there enough clues from the original Scout?

2024 Scout Electric SUV Preview | vw

As much as we wanted to digitally increase the lighting in this teaser, it just wasn’t happening. Still, we like the tall, rugged front end that precisely mimics that of the first and second generation Scouts. And while there’s some sectioning off the sides of the body, they still maintain the upright boxy look of the originals.

The concave section below the waist is also a nod to the Explorer II. But it also seems that the designers have worked with more emphasis on the wheel arches. This gives the EV a more muscular presentation. We don’t mind that as a departure from the old.

Will the Scout have a removable top like the original?

International Scout Advertising | vw

In general, we like the wheels to stick out a bit from the body. That may seem like a no-brainer. But some SUVs still position their wheel and tire combinations too far toward the center of the body. Volkswagen’s only comment on the trailer is that it “has a strong stance and upright stance reminiscent of classic Scout models.”

The other element to highlight are the roof bars. Whether or not this indicates the Scout won’t have a removable top, it could hint at a panoramic top between the rails. Finally, we’ve highlighted the front seats in orange to show what appears to be a bench seat, something that would certainly meet with enthusiast approval.

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When does it come out?

Scout Side View Trailer | vw

The other Scout news announced today is the launch of the enthusiast forum. Its main function, in addition to bringing the faithful scouts closer, is communication between them and the company. He is asking for feedback as the SUV continues its development.

“We started this forum to foster an open dialogue with members of our community, to hear what they expect from new Scout vehicles, and to build a central location where past, present and future Scout enthusiasts can come together as one,” said the Scout CEO Scott Keogh. A more modern take on the lousy consumer clinics many companies run, it gives anyone the chance to guide design development, even in a small way. So those with a strong feeling about what the next Scout should or shouldn’t be should join the forum.

VW says it will introduce its new Scout next year, with plans for production in 2024. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come out like the id.Buzz van, which suffered years and years of teasing before finally launching in Europe this year. Hello VW, you have to put it together with this one please.

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