Search by image on your Android phone! Learn This Cool Google Trick

If you want to run a Google search by image to find out more about it, then you need to know this secret Google trick. Check the details.

We all know how to perform a Google search. Simply go to the Google website or mobile app and type in your query. This is the easy part. But what if you had an image that you wanted to search for more information? It could be a picture of a pretty dress or a nice pair of shoes, or just a funny meme. Most of the time, we end up asking our friends about it in the hope that they can give us the answer. But it’s not the most efficient way to do it. What if we told you that you can search by image on Google to know more easily about any image? Read on to know more about this Google trick.

Google search by image

Most of us use various social networking applications extensively. We all get added to various friend groups on WhatsApp and Telegram and mindfully scroll through posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But what if you come across a curious-looking image and want to know more about it? It could be a celebrity whose name you are forgetting or a beautiful place whose name you are looking for for your next trip. As we mentioned earlier, asking the sender is not always a reliable way to collect information.

Instead, what you can do is just search Google for the image and the search engine will show you all the indexed pages that contain that image (or similar images). It is very likely that you will find some information this way very easily.

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And how can you use this feature? Too easy. And no, you don’t have to download or install anything. The feature is now available on your Android smartphone. Take a look at the two ways to do it below.

How to search by image using Google

The first way is a bit long but it works well for images you already have in your phone storage. Open the Google app or the Google website and click the camera icon on the far right. A window will open for you to upload an image. Click search and it will show you the results.

But what if you saw something in real life and want to know more about it? Well, just launch the camera app and look for the Google Lens option. Once you find it, click on an image and your phone will display various options. You can translate texts, copy written words, search for images, search for it in shopping apps, search for it as a place or even the name of a dish.

Give it a try today.

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