SECRET writing trick! Type with one hand on your phone; do it this way

Do you find it difficult to type with one hand on your smartphone? Just try this typing hack now.

With the advent of large screen smartphones, it has become difficult to type with one hand. It is a common problem as there are times when you are traveling or having a cup of coffee or something and with the other you are trying to write a message on the phone. Very frustrating! If you have difficulty typing with one hand on your Android phone, this hack will change your typing habits forever! This is the ‘one hand mode’ of Android phone. As its name suggests, the mode allows you to navigate your device more efficiently with just one hand. When one-handed mode is on, you can use one hand to pull down the top half of the screen for easy access to notifications, app content, and more.

However, you should note that the feature is only available with Android 12 and above updates. So if you are eager to use this trick then make sure your Android phone is running at least Android 12. Also, you can also resize your keyboard for fast typing in any app. Wondering how? Learn how to enable one-handed mode on Android smartphones.

How to use the one handed option for typing

  • Just open an app where you need to type.
  • Open the keyboard option and then tap on the three-dot option above the keyboard.
  • Here, choose the one-handed option that will magically shrink the keyboard to one side of the screen.
  • You can change it to any side of the screen according to your needs while using the left or right arrow.
  • In case you want to return the keyboard to its original state, just tap four arrows pointing away.
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How to use one-handed mode on Android smartphones

Step 1:

Another way to use your phone with one hand is to enable the mode. Open the Settings app on your smartphone.

Step 2:

Go to System Settings and then visit Gesture Options.

Step 3:

Now look for One-Handed mode and just turn on Use One-Handed mode.

Stage 4:

Allows you to drag the top of the screen down. Similarly, you can drag it around whenever you need.

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