Tattooed ‘Mr. Avatar’ Man drives a crazy truck Avatar

Two entities that often inspire a large group of enthusiastic fans are trucks and movies. These two things combined in a ridiculous way with Avatar, the highest-grossing movie of all time, and a pickup truck, the best-selling type of vehicle in North America. He knows “Mr. Avatar”, a Canadian man with Avatar tattoos all over his body and his crazy Avatar-themed van. Now that the sequel, Avatar: The Path of Waterhit theaters, it’s exploding with joy.

Tattoos cover 95% of the body of ‘Mr. Avatar’

Raymond Knowles next to his truck | Lauren Hunter via YouTube

Avatar, released in 2009, was groundbreaking with its innovative 3D technology showing the fictional moon of Pandora and the Na’vi people colored blue. The film garnered a large following of die-hard fans, or “Avatards.” However, Raymond Knowles, a carpenter from Edmonton, Canada, took this fandom to a whole new level with his tattoos and his truck.

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