Tesla’s future depends on these 2 electric vehicles

A gray Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck is parked.

Tesla Inc. shares are down more than 61% year-over-year. The stock hasn’t been this low since the fall of 2020, a particularly turbulent time in the market. Tesla, unlike many companies, has enjoyed tremendous success since the start of the global pandemic. Now, it seems the bubble has burst as CEO Elon Musk faces more scrutiny and criticism than ever before. Tesla’s future success may depend on these two nameplates.

Tesla still hasn’t made an affordable electric vehicle

Tesla has been incredibly successful in the last five years despite its high starting prices. The Model 3 compact car is the only vehicle the company offers that is below the average price of a new vehicle. Add taxes and fees to the equation, and even the Tesla Model 3 seems overpriced compared to other electric vehicles.

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