The 2 Most Reliable Subaru Models of 2022 According to Consumer Reports Owner Surveys

A blue 2023 Subaru Crosstrek subcompact SUV is driving on the road.

Subaru has some durable vehicles in its lineup, but how is the brand doing when it comes to reliability and what are the most reliable Subaru models for 2022? Consumer Reports (CR) analyzed the results of its most recent survey sent to owners of various vehicles and found that the automaker ranked in the top ten on the publication’s list. The reason is that the Crosstrek SUV and its Forester vehicles scored highly for reliability, while other cars in the lineup fared poorly.

The 2022 Subaru Crosstrek | subaru

How well does Subaru rank?

Consumer Reports analyzes data from the survey the publication sends to owners each year to get their opinion on the vehicles they own. When it comes to reliability, CR looks for any issues the owner has had in a specific area within the past 12 months.

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