The 2023 Nissan Titan can’t keep up

As a full-size truck, the Nissan Titan has never led the pack. And soon, he may very well be on the chopping block. Apparently, Nissan has plans to phase out its half-ton pickup. Despite the success of the redesigned Nissan Frontier, this full-size pickup is likely to be on the chopping block. Even as the only full-size pickup truck with a standard V8 engine, the 2023 Titan just can’t keep up with the competition.

Is the 2023 Nissan Titan a good pickup?

On paper, the Nissan Titan looks like a good big truck. It comes standard with 400 horsepower thanks to its V8 engine, and there’s a long list of standard features. But, with a starting MSRP of $39,700, for its age, that seems like a big ask.

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