The 3 Best 3-Row Small SUVs for 2023 According to Edmunds

2023 Sorento X-Line parked in front of a mountain

We all need a little extra room sometimes, and a third row often fits the bill. But, giant full-size SUVs like a Tahoe or Expedition are simply overkill for what most of us need. Also, they are a bear to park. So for many of us, a three-row small SUV fits our needs and for 2023 these are three Edmunds reviewers recommend.

What is a three-row small SUV?

2023 Sorento SX | kia

Smaller three-row SUVs provide plenty of utility, and all of these SUVs start under $30,000. While the rear seats in this class don’t offer a lot of space, they’re all great for occasional use or for kids. They all offer driver assistance, plenty of power and, of course, luggage space when the third row is tucked away. it makes sense that edmundsa review site, I would name these three the best for 2023.

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