The 3 Most Reliable Vehicles Are Large SUVs

How many miles will the Chevy Suburban last?

We all want reliable cars. However, with the current state of the auto market, the need to buy a car or SUV that lasts is more important than ever. The growing popularity of SUVs makes more sense now that the top three most reliable vehicles are all large, three-row SUVs. Can you guess which of the family haulers are the most reliable vehicles on the market?

Toyota Land Cruiser 2020 | Toyota

The Chevy Suburban is one of the most reliable vehicles ever made.

The Suburban is a staple. This monster three-row SUV has been picking up the entire football team and bringing them a CC Pizza since the drive home. In fact, the Suburban is the longest-running, continuous-use nameplate in automotive history. The name first appeared in 1934. Since then, the Chevrolet Suburban has served children.

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