The 5 Best Midsize SUVs for 2023, According to Edmunds

Comfortable and reliable SUVs under $45,000 like the Toyota Venza

The midsize SUV market is one of the most competitive. In the midsize SUV space, several SUVs offer similar performance, similar space, and similar pace. But not all are created equal. What do Edmunds reviewers say are the best midsize SUVs for 2023?

What is a midsize SUV?

Midsize SUVs are what most of us think of when we see an SUV. This class offers plenty of interior space, typically all the amenities you’d expect, and on this list, they all start at $32,000 to $42,000, making them bargains. Some have three rows of seats, some are off-road monsters, and some are budget luxury SUVs. edmunds is a site that rates and reviews new and used cars.

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