The 5 Best Small SUVs for 2023 According to Edmunds

A 2023 Mazda CX-50 compact crossover SUV with roof rails parked in the dirt near water and mountains

For most of us, the space and utility of a small SUV is enough. SUVs in this class are easy to live in, efficient, and have enough space to be comfortable. But not all are created equal. What do Edmunds reviewers say are the best small SUVs for 2023?

What is a small SUV?

Mazda CX-50 2023 | mazda

Small SUVs fit the needs of many of us. They have enough space to fit five comfortably, but they are not the giants that you can’t park. Most have enough interior space to stow enough luggage for a week-long road trip and gas mileage that doesn’t hurt at the pump. edmunds is a site that rates and reviews new and used cars, and in this case, all of the small SUVs on the list are under $32,000. Interestingly, the best-selling, but aging, Toyota RAV4 isn’t on the list.

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