The 5 best SUVs made in the United States in 2022 according to US News

A new 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer SUV parked in the midground of the frame in desert terrain. with snow-capped mountains behind it.

SUVs are the best choice for many people due to their spacious cabins and flexible cargo options. In the automotive world, you’ll discover a plethora of American-made SUVs. These SUVs vary in size, engine options, and standard and available features. You may be wondering, of all the domestically assembled SUVs, which ones are the best?

What is considered an American-made SUV?

Jeep Wagoner 2022 | all terrain

According to US News, an SUV assembled in the states makes it made in America. They ranked 21 SUVs made on American soil, meaning they included American and foreign manufacturers. Here are the five best American-made SUVs for 2022, according to US News.

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