The 5 Best Trucks for the Money

For now, the best value in trucks seems to be the small and midsize trucks that get the job done, but don’t break the bank. While full-size truck prices are skyrocketing, today’s midsize trucks show you can still buy a lot of capacity and not break the bank. That’s why all the trucks on this new list are midsize or small trucks. What are the five trucks that offer the most for the money?

The Ford Maverick tops this list of the best trucks for the money

Ford Maverick 2023 | Ford

It’s probably not a big surprise that the Ford Maverick is first on the list of TrueCar. Although its 2023 base price is slightly higher than what 2022 owners paid, it’s still the least expensive truck you can buy in America. But it comes well-equipped, especially in the higher-trim Lariat versions. This truck gets incredible gas mileage, thanks to its base hybrid engine.

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