The best portable jump starters for your car, truck or SUV in 2022

The best portable jump starters for jumping a car

You never know how much your car, truck or SUV needs a jump starter until it’s too late. With that said, here are some of the best portable jump starters on the market for 2022. Depending on your needs, these options can boost your basic sedan all the way up to V8-powered sport utility vehicles.

Check out the best value portable jump starter for 2022

Forbes said the Gooloo GE1200 Jump Starter Battery Pack offered the best value at $79.99 on Amazon. This portable jump starter is small enough to fit in a pocket or bag, yet powerful enough to jump start up to a 7.0L V8 gasoline or diesel engine. Although this portable jump starter costs less than $100, it offers the performance of a more expensive option. With 1,200 peak amps and weighing just over a pound, it also features an LED flashlight and USB outlets. This is a good option for any vehicle in your life that might need the occasional jump-start, from the Toyota Prius to the Kia Telluride SUV.

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