The history of the Lexus RX redesign is evolutionary, not revolutionary

2004 lexus RX 300

The Lexus RX is heading to its 30sthe year, and its fifth generation. It’s hard for some of us to believe that all those first-generation bronze or white Lexus RX350s (and let’s face it, they’re almost all bronze or white) are still on the road. But this car-based SUV is known as a reliable and solid vehicle that can easily go 200,000 miles. While Lexus has constantly updated the RX, it has never broken that mold throughout the five generations of the RX.

Is the Lexus RX reliable?

2016 Lexus RX | lexus

The original RX was based on the Toyota Camry platform. Thirty years ago, the company jumped on the new SUV craze and decided to build a tall wagon, rather than a rugged SUV. It stood out as a comfortable luxury SUV with a ride that was, in fact, more like that of a car. Compared to the Chevy Blazers and Ford Explorers of the time, which were based on trucks, it drove and handled much better.

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