The Holden Ute/Pontiac G8 ST is the modern Chevy El Camino it could have been

Promo photo of the 2008 Pontiac G8 ST coupe utility sport truck concept that never went into production.

The car-based compact pickup trucks They’re having a great time: The Hyundai Santa Cruz debuted to rave reviews, and Ford can’t seem to build enough Mavericks trucks to keep up with the demand. But a decade before these two compact trucks, we almost had a modern Chevy El Camino: the Pontiac G8 ST/Holden Ute.

Holden’s Utility

2008 Pontiac G8 ST Concept | general motors

Holden was the Australian division of General Motors. It built several trim levels of the Holden Commodore sedan, including a wagon variant. Until 2017, the Holden Utility was a two-door utility coupe. Holden also advertised it as the “ute” which is Australian slang for a van.

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