The most manufactured vehicle in America is no longer a Ford Mustang for 1 reason

The most American-made vehicle isn

Say it ain’t so! The newest Kogod School of Business 2022 Made in America Car Index is out, and there have been many changes in the past year. Gone is the Ford Mustang in the top 10 most manufactured vehicles in America, and in its place is… the Lincoln Corsair sport utility vehicle. There were many changes to the list between 2021 and 2022 for various reasons, but the Mustang dropped 22 places.

The most manufactured vehicle in the United States by 2022 is the Lincoln Corsair

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According to 2022 American Made Car Index, the most manufactured vehicle in America is now the Lincoln Corsair SUV, with 72% American/Canadian content. While the conventional gasoline model ranked first, the plug-in hybrid model came in second. In 2021, the Corsair was ranked 44th with the Ford Mustang with a manual transmission coming first. The Mustang slipped to 22nd this year thanks to a Mexican-sourced transmission, says the Made in America Car Index.

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