These 7 Turbocharged Compact SUVs Can Get Your Heart Pumping

The Subaru Outback, like the BMW X2, is an AWD-equipped option for snow driving.

Turbochargers are now becoming useful for high-performance compact SUVs. They are a great addition because they make a lot of engine power from a small engine. In general, a turbo can help you go faster, but it also helps save some gas, and what’s wrong with that? These turbocharged SUVs forgo hybrid or EV powertrains to make more juice, and instead stick with old-school forced-air turbos for serious power and big smiles.

Subaru interior | subaru

In Subaru land, XT versions make fans’ hearts beat faster. Subaru Outbacks run fine with the regular engine, but drop the beloved WRX’s turbocharged 2.4-liter engine, and suddenly they’re comparative rockets. The XT versions reduce the time from 0 to 60 in about two seconds, thanks to the improved engine torque. In this case, the turbo gets worse mileage, but can tow more than the base car. The big setback is that it costs a lot more, about $5,000 trim-to-trim, just to add the extra horses.

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