Third-Row Crossover SUVs Will Take A Bite Out Of Truck Sales

Blue Ford F-150 full-size pickup truck parked on a dirt parking lot, trees visible in the background.

I know what you’re thinking: how could third-row SUVs, many of which feature one-piece construction, possibly compete with full-size trucks? trucks? The truth is, most truck buyers don’t need a truck. If you want one, it’s easy to justify buying a modern half-ton SUV over a full-frame two-row SUV. But the increasingly popular third-row crossover offers features a traditional SUV doesn’t, and it’s harder to justify trading one for a pickup.

The four-door pickup is a decent replacement for a full-frame two-row SUV

What do you think when you see a full-size truck flying down the road? If you are not a truck person, you can see it as a symbol of excess. But in truth, it may not be as excessive as it seems.

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