This Ram Is America’s Cheapest New 2022 Half-Ton 4×4 Pickup

2022 Ram

If you thought the cheapest new half-ton 4×4 was a Toyota Tundra or Chevy Colorado, it’s not. It’s a Ram Classic 1500. To get it cheap, you have to be tenacious about saving money. Bait-and-switch pricing, questionable tactics, and dealers in the driver’s seat mean that sometimes the price isn’t “the price.” So this is the absolute cheapest half ton with 4x4s you can get in 2022.

How can a full size truck be the cheapest?

2022 Ram 1500 Classic Tradesman Single Cab | stellantis

At least according to the guys from the fast lane. They found an absolutely rock-bottom half-ton 2022 Ram with a smattering of options, including all-wheel drive. Before discounts and incentives, and with a bit of prodding, he got a new Tradesman 4×4 cheaper than any new half-ton.

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