This VW Bus Lookalike is actually built by Subaru

A brown Subaru Sambar converted into a Volkswagen bus lookalike drives on a rural road through pine tree forests.

The Volkswagen bus is an instantly recognizable cultural icon. What if I told you that you can buy one with subaru reliability and AWD? Now how can you. Several companies are converting the capable little Subaru Sambar into a VW bus model. There’s just one problem, Subaru didn’t even sell the Sambar in the US, so you’ll have to import one if you want to cruise around North America.

The Subaru Sambar was a Japanese market microvan.

subaru sambar | JDM imports via Youtube

Subaru’s Sambar was a small mini-truck with a body-on-frame and minibus chassis. The Japanese automaker built it from 1961 to 2012. A superior cab design allowed Subaru to offer this chassis with a relatively large bed or roomy interior, for a vehicle with a 71-inch wheelbase.

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