Top 3 American-Made Trucks By 2022 With American-Made Engines

The most American-made trucks for 2022 include the Chevrolet Colorado

Some potential truck buyers may take the whole “Made in the USA” thing very seriously. Whatever the reason, these are the most American-made trucks you can buy by 2022. The Kogod School of Business uses seven criteria to determine how much US/Canadian content is used for each build. One pickup stood out with its domestically sourced transmission, engine, and other body parts.

The American-made pickup truck for 2022 is the Chevrolet Colorado

A Chevrolet Colorado | chevrolet

The most recent Kogod Business School The 2022 Made in America Auto Index gives us a better look at which trucks are the most manufactured in America. The Top 10 American-Made Vehicles for 2022 has 24 cars, as many received the same score.

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