VW’s swarm data isn’t as sinister as it seems

A green and white Volkswagen ID. Buzz electric microbus is parked.

Sounds like something the evil Borg from “Star Trek” would use to demolish planets. swarm data. As if there was a hive mind controlling something behind her. But, in the case of VW, the new ID. Buzz SUV/van uses VW’s new Swarm Data technology to keep you safe on the road, even if you’re not touching the wheel.

What is swarm data?

Swarm Data Illustration | vw

Swarm Data is designed to help Travel Assist predict what’s around you. VW’s Travel Assist is the company’s version of hands-free driving software. It’s VW’s version of Ford’s BlueCruise or GM’s Ultra Cruise and allows a vehicle to control itself. Travel Assist can keep a vehicle in a lane, maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front, and keep it cruising at the maximum speed set by the driver. But that information for the system has to come from somewhere, and in this case it’s from the “swarm” of other VWs using Travel Assist while driving on a daily basis.

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