What are the incentives of the new 2023 GMC Sierra?

GMC Sierra AT4X, one of the best pickup trucks for 2022

When a truck manufacturer has tons of incentives available for new trucks, it could be a red flag that the truck isn’t selling well. After all, they want to get some trucks off the lots. But when the incentives are low, it usually means the opposite: The trucks sell so well that you don’t need to be incentivized to drive one of the top-rated trucks on the lot. That appears to be the case with the 2022 and 2023 GMC Sierra incentives.

What interest rate does GMC offer?

2022 GMC Sierra AT4X | gmc

You can insert your complaint (or congratulations) to the Federal Reserve Bank here, which has raised its interest rates. That means most of us will pay a higher interest rate. But that doesn’t mean a new truck has to be expensive, and GMC is pushing hard trying to move its (often pricey) special editions. But of course, check out the GMC site for more information on these deals.

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