What does HPD stand for and is Honda’s HPD package worth it?

A red Honda Ridgeline in the dirt.

A couple of years ago, tougher-looking Honda Ridgeline trucks started showing up in dealerships. With bronze wheels, flares, and some graphics on the box, the HPD packages announced that Honda wasn’t messing around. What does HPD mean? Like Toyota’s TRD badges or BMW’s M badges, HPD seemed to say “performance.” But we’re here to say that it doesn’t really mean much for the new 2023 Honda Pilot or the 2023 Ridgeline.

What does HPD mean?

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HPD stands for Honda Performance Development. The HPD group designs Honda race cars and engines and has been quite successful. The US-based HPD team has won several IndyCar Manufacturers’ titles, and its cars have won the Indy 500, multiple drag races and more. The HPD team were also the wizards behind the factory-built race car, the Honda HPD Civic Si FE1, which was a $55,000 track-ready race car.

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