What does RX mean on the Lexus RX? It’s not “Recipe”.

In 1999 Lexus launched its RX 300 SUV. At that time, automakers were shifting from wordy names to names made up of letters and numbers. Lexus was also one of the first manufacturers to never have a word as a name for a model, instead they have all been acronyms. Really, the RX for Lexus means something more, and it’s not a “recipe.”

What does the Lexus RX stand for?

2023 Lexus RX 500h F Sport Performance AWD | lexus

While Lexus may have had the recipe for a best-selling SUV, that’s not what RX stands for. Instead, RX stands for “Radiant Crossover,” and always has, according to Lexus of England. The idea was that it would represent the future of Lexus near the turn of the millennium.

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