What does the VW ID mean. Mean?

2023 ID.4 logo

Many of you may have noticed that several of Volkswagen’s new cars and SUVs have the obscure ID prefix. The SUV ID.4, the ID.3 and the ID.Buzz have one thing in common. These are all new electric models from Volkswagen. But identification. it does not mean “id” or just the opposite of an “ego”, but something else.

What does Volkswagen ID mean. represent?

VW ID.4 SUV | volkswagen

According to Volkswagen, “ID. stands for intelligent design, identity and visionary technologies. In this process, ID. it is not an abbreviation of a certain term, but symbolically represents the various properties united in these vehicles.” But, each id. the vehicle has several things in common vw saying. Each will have automated driving assistance, zero emissions, over-the-air updates, and custom networking.

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