What does Toyota’s ‘SR5’ mean?

1973 toyota corolla sr5 in yellow

Car manufacturers love to add mystery letters and numbers to all of our cars; 2LT, 300ZX, Z71, RS, SS, 350Z, IROCZ and SR5. Why? Why are alphanumeric car names so popular? These models listed here are just a small sample of the many car names like it. We won’t even start with the alphanumeric names of the motorcycles. Either way, we’re here to find out where the legendary Toyota SR5 designation came from and what it means. Do you know what SR5 means?

Toyota Xtracab SR5 4×4 Hilux truck | bring a trailer

What does SR5 mean?

Simply put, SR5 stands for “Sport Rally 5” or “Sports Runabout 5,” depending on who you ask. The “5” originally stood for a 5-speed manual transmission.

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