What does XC mean in Volvo Wagons?

1998 Volvo V70 XC

Volvo has used the XC preface on its trucks since 1998. The XC trim has always been reserved for the tough versions of Volvo trucks. Today, the company makes three XC SUVs. Do you know what XC means?

The first XC wagon came out in 1998

Volvo V70 XC | return

The first XC car was the taller V70 XC pickup based on the five-seat Volvo V70 pickup. The V at the time stood for versatility, and 70 was the size of the truck. The XC stood for Cross Country; In other words, a vehicle that had more capability, in this case, some off-road abilities that made it suitable for a true cross-country trip. Volvo wanted to add a bit of attitude to the V70, so it went with the now-familiar XC name to denote a tougher stance, and it kind of accomplished that mission, according to an old report from New car test drive.

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