What is a Stepside Pickup Truck?

A classic red Chevrolet stepside pickup truck parked in front of a tree, in a parking lot.

The Jargon for Classic Pickup trucks it can be confusing. Marketing terms for beds only include stepside, flareside, fenderside, uline, thriftside, and sportsside. Fortunately, there are only two common types of truck beds. Fleetside pickup trucks have a modern bed, the outer edges of which are flush with the truck doors, and the fenders are retracted under the bed. Stepside trucks have a narrower bed and bold, flared fenders. In front of these fenders, but behind the cab, they have room for a step to access the bed. This step gives the step its more common name.

What does stepside mean on a truck?

Stepside was originally a Chevrolet marketing term for its narrow pickup bed with flared fenders. While other car manufacturers built similar beds, they used different names for them. But most classic truck fans refer to all beds in this style as steps.

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