What is it and why is it so popular?

2023 Hyundai Rebelle Rally Santa Cruz truck

Overlanding may be a newer term to Americans, but it’s a well-known motoring adventure in most other parts of the world. Overlanding is taking a 4×4 vehicle on a completely self-sufficient off-road adventure to (and through) remote locations. Overlanders don’t look for a destination so much as the journey itself. It is about self-sufficiency and exploration. This is the spirit of land travel.

2023 Rebelle Rally Hyundai Santa Cruz | hyundai

What is Overlanding and how is it done?

Overlanding, aided by the COVID-19 lockdowns, has become a hugely popular activity for Americans. It worked so well as a COVID activity because it takes participants to wild and remote places. Think of the landing as a kind of automotive backpacking.

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