What is the best full-size truck of 2022 according to Newsweek?

The 2022 Sierra was named the best 2022 truck, as well as most improved, by Newsweek.

Newsweek has released its list of winners for the 2022 Car Awards, with the magazine calling one truck the best. We’ll give you a hint as to which one it is: It’s got a completely new design for 2022, you can order it in a very capable off-road version, or you can get it in a full luxury trim that rivals a Cadillac Escalade, and you can even order a diesel engine that sucks. . Sure, it’s the 2022 GMC Sierra, but why did Newsweek pick it for not just one, but two awards?

Why is the GMC Sierra the best full-size pickup of 2022?

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news week he said the new design of the GMC Sierra 1500 not only made it the best full-size truck in 2022, but also the most improved vehicle, citing his reviews. The Sierra got a big update for 2022 that, frankly, the truck needed. It was nice, but the 2021 interior looked plain and was dominated by two giant glove boxes and the screen in the center, while large, still seemed dwarfed by the size of the truck. But now, the new interior looks properly luxurious. It has a giant 13.4-inch horizontal touchscreen that is tilted towards the driver and a much cleaner overall look.

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