What is the best gas mileage full size truck with 4×4?

Ford F-150 full-size trucks are parked in a row.

Big trucks are like big bricks moving through the air. They are the least efficient way to get good gas mileage. Then, when you add the weight of the truck and the weight of a complex 4×4 system, they are some of the thirstiest vehicles on the road. But nothing beats a full-size 4×4 for getting in and out of rough terrain, hauling, and towing. Many of us need a big truck that can do it all, but which full-size 4×4 truck has the best gas mileage?

Engines and tires make the difference in mpg

Ford F-150 Raptor | Ford Media Center

Every full-size truck on the market today gets better gas mileage than similar trucks from just a few years ago, thanks to new turbochargers, hybrid power, or better transmissions. These full-size trucks come with a wide variety of engine options, each with a different EPA mpg number. fueleconomy.gov place. Beyond the weight and complexity of a 4×4 system, the other aspect that hurts mileage is the tires. Giant mud tires may look great, but they are super inefficient and make a huge difference in mileage.

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