What is the best luxury SUV of 2022 according to Newsweek?

2022 Range Rover exterior view in nature

In 2022, we saw several new luxury SUVs redesigned. We got the new Acura MDX, new luxury trims on the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Grand Wagoneer, Infiniti QX60 and others. But, when it comes to an ultra-luxury SUV that doesn’t immediately scream “hey, look at me,” the Land Rover Range Rover seems to take the cake after its 2022 redesign. Perhaps that’s one reason Newsweek named it the best luxury SUV of 2022 in its 2022 Cars Awards.

Why is the Range Rover the best luxury SUV of 2022?

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I like others in news week list, redesigns help win prizes. Land Rover has redesigned the Range Rover for 2022 and improved it considerably. But it also kept the familiar styling so it doesn’t deviate from the instantly recognizable Range Rover shape that has been a country club staple for 40 years. But the new Rover sits on an entirely new platform that’s designed to accommodate electric powertrains as well as petrol engines.

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