What is the best two-row SUV for 2022? Newsweek picked up this midsize SUV legend

The 4xe version of the Grand Cherokee can tow 6,000 pounds.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee nameplate has been around since the presidency of George HW Bush. But, the Grand Cherokee now in its new fifth generation is making waves and it just might be the best yet. It’s already won multiple awards this year, and now it can add a Newsweek 2022 Autos Award for best two-row SUV. What Makes This New-Generation Grand Cherokee Newsweek’s Best Jeep SUV?

Why is the Grand Cherokee the best two-row SUV of 2022?

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We are detecting a pattern here that most vehicles to win prizes in the news week 2022 Autos Awards are all new for 2022, or at least significantly redesigned. The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee is no different. Grand Cherokee is all-new, from the ground up, and that means it’s designed for new engines, like the 4xe plug-in hybrid variant, as well as a host of new off-road perks.

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