What kind of MPG does the Honda Ridgeline get?

A 2023 Honda Ridgeline sits in a snowy mountain range. What kind of fuel economy does it have?

It’s no secret, pickup trucks aren’t known for being the friendliest at the pump. While they may not be the gas guzzlers they once were, they certainly don’t come with the fuel economy of a compact car. If you’re looking for a midsize truck, the 2023 Honda Ridgeline may have caught your eye. The Ridgeline has been a mainstay in Honda’s lineup, despite not being the most popular truck on the road. But even with its standard V6 engine, the Ridgeline has some of the best fuel economy in its class.

What is the fuel economy of the 2023 Ridgeline?

In terms of mpg, the Honda Ridgeline does pretty well, getting 18 mpg city and 24 mpg highway, according to Honda reports. According to car and driver, its test drive came in at 28 mpg. Which is slightly higher than the estimated number.

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