What years is a Ford square body pickup?

Automotive journalist Henry Cesari driving his classic square body Ford F-150 pickup truck, the woods of Vermont visible behind him.

I’ll be blunt as a bullnose F-150: Referring to a square-bodied Ford pickup is a great way to piss off some people. And honestly, when someone says “square body trucksUsually they’re talking about a 1973 to 1987 Chevy or GMC. But some classic F-Series owners, myself included, will refer to our trucks as square-bodied Fords.

Is the square body only Chevy?

Typically, the phrase square body truck refers to a 1973 to 1987 Chevy or GMC. But it’s a slang term and therefore up to interpretation. I’ve honestly heard Dodge and Ford owners refer to their classic 1980s trucks as square-body trucks.

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