What’s new for the 2023 Lexus LX 600?

For 2023, the big Lexus LX 600 gets just a few minor updates.

Lexus isn’t messing around with its flagship SUV. The big seven-seat SUV that’s been completely redesigned for 2022 has some standard features and trims for 2023. But the big Lexus LX 600 doesn’t need much to keep up. Regardless, what’s new for Lexus’ super SUV, the LX 600, in 2023?

Which Lexus SUV is the biggest?

2023 Lexus LX600 | lexus

The LX 600 is Lexus’ largest SUV. The list of features and options that Lexus has for the LX 600 SUV may blow you away. Consider you can get this seven-seater in an ultra-luxe four-seater finish that turns the rear into a spacious lounger bigger than some New York studio apartments, with 43 inches of rear-seat footroom. There’s so much foot room that Lexus even adds a drop-down footrest behind the passenger seat.

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