Why do some trucks have a trailer hitch in the center of their bed?

White, heavy-duty Ram 3500 dually truck pulling an excavator on a flatbed gooseneck trailer, mountains visible in the background.

Have you ever noticed the pickup trucks cruising down the highway, pulling trailers hooked up in a very strange way? I mean the trailers with the tongue that arches over the tailgate of the truck and joins in the middle of the truck bed. This is a fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer hitch. Basically, it transforms a pickup truck into a mini semi truck to improve its performance in two main ways.

What’s the point of gooseneck trailers?

A gooseneck trailer setup, named for the curved neck of the trailer tongue, moves the truck/trailer axle toward the center of the pickup. This better distributes the weight of the trailer between the axles. It also greatly increases the axis of rotation of the entire team.

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