Why doesn’t the 2023 Ford Super Duty have Ford’s BlueCruise hands-free driving?

One of the most popular automotive technology features today is semi-autonomous driving systems. All car manufacturers are racing to develop and integrate them into their new vehicles. The Ford BlueCruise has received high praise from many critics and consumers in the automotive industry. So one may naturally wonder why it’s not included in the new 2023 Ford Super Duty.

What is the Ford BlueCruise?

2023 Ford Super Duty | Ford Media Center

Ford BlueCruise is a semi-autonomous driving system that allows drivers to enjoy hands-free driving on certain areas of North American roadways. By equipping a fleet of vehicles with a sophisticated vehicle telematics system, Ford has mapped road conditions on more than 400,000 highway miles. Drivers using BlueCruise will see these areas called Blue Hands-Free Zones and will be able to safely remove their hands from the wheel when BlueCruise is activated.

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