Will the 2023 Chevy Montana come to the United States?

The 2023 Chevy Montana is an all-new version capable of competing with the Ford Maverick. Despite the very American-sounding name, the Montana is actually a fairly old truck that was sold in Latin America and South Africa. The 2023 Chevy Montana ushers in a new generation for the truck, and here’s a look at whether American customers will see it in dealerships anytime soon.

What is known about the 2023 Chevy Montana so far?

Chevrolet Dealership | Getty Images Photographed by Maksim Konstantinov

One of the significant changes Chevy is making for the new generation Montana is its segment. The Montana has been around since 2003 and began life as a coupe utility, which is not a type of car that has been popular in America for decades. According to engine trendChevy is turning the Montana into a one-piece compact pickup for the 2023 model year, which is a type of pickup that’s popular in the US.

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